Mario Quaranta

Max Weber Fellow • EUI


Department of Political and Social Sciences
European University Institute
Via dei Roccettini, 9
50014 San Domenico di Fiesole, Italy

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Dotti Sani, G. M. and M. Quaranta. ‘A mixed approach to the work-motherhood relation: An application of fuzzy set Qualitative Comparative Analysis and Generalized Linear Models.’ Comparative Sociology 12.1 (2013): 31-75
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Female labor force participation and total fertility rates have been negatively correlated until the early ’80s. By the end of that decade, however, the relationship changed sign. Scholars have suggested a close link between individual reproductive behavior, labor market participation and institutional contexts, but we still lack clear evidence of the underlying micro-level mechanism. We propose the use of complementary techniques, fuzzy set Qualitative Comparative Analysis and Generalized Linear Models, as the different assumptions underlying the two, combinatory vs. additive, may lead to new insights on how the combination of institutional features can produce different outcomes in terms of the work-motherhood relationship.

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