Quaranta, M. ‘Chi protesta in Italia? Le forme di partecipazione politica non convenzionale: 1990-2009.’ [Who protests in Italy? The forms of unconventional participation: 1990-2009] Quaderni di Sociologia 60 (2012): 51-74
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Several models have been outlined and tested to identify the individual characteristics related to unconventional participation. Many studies have verified that socio-economic status, the feeling of personal and political dissatisfaction, mobilization effort of social organizations and values and ideological orientations have a strong relationship with the individual propensity of engaging in these modes of political action. Despite the literature focusing on political protest and social movements in Italy is sound, the attention paid on the relationship between individual variables and this type of participation has been less. With this article we aim at contributing to the literature building an index of unconventional participation and applying some theoretical models to the Italian case, using three waves of the European Values Study.

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